About the Project

Quiltopia was born from the desire to collect together all the beautiful quilts that inspire me and share them with all of you. I love seeing how each quilt artist puts together their colours and fabrics in unique ways to create beautiful quilted works of art. Even similar designs take on a whole new appearance due to the colour and construction choices of the quilter, which is a joy to see.

I have a couple of simple goals for Quiltopia's quilting inspiration.

The first and main goal is to INSPIRE.
This means that each quilt or quilted accessory I share is one that I love. Each design may be selected because of the way that it uses colour or techique or because of the way it portrays an idea or image. I hope that each piece of quilted art will make you go "wow" too.

The second goal is to remain SIMPLE.
This means that commentary is minimal. In fact I have chosen to only display the title of the quilt or art piece with a link to the original fabric artists website, blog or gallery where you can find the piece. Each link is valid at the time of posting and should enable you to find out more about the artist, quilted work and in some cases see more photos.

What you will get are three new quilts or quilted artworks each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check back regularly for your weekly dose of inspiration or subscribe to our feed to receive new quilting inspiration direct to your email or feed reader.



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